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Beginning Meditation

June 15, 2022

On Wednesday we offer a Beginning Meditation Class from 7:00-8:00 PM. A great introduction for those starting out with meditation practice, and an opportunity for more experienced practitioners to meditate with their sangha mid-week. We do two rounds of seated meditation (about 15 minutes each), separated by a round of walking meditation. Basic meditation instruction is offered. We practice a form of meditation known as counting the breath, where you breathe naturally and count each exhalation as it happens, focusing your mind exclusively upon your breath. When you reach the number ten, return to one. If you daydream and forget what number comes next, simply go back to one, without self judgment or self criticism. Visitors are encouraged to show up a bit early to get oriented to the Center and the practice, and to wear clothing which is comfortable, muted, and plain so as not to visually distract others. While we are a Zen Buddhist group, we welcome individuals from all faiths (or no faith at all).

Clear Water Zen Center
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